Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Car Burglary Alert -- Eagle Rock

The LAPD has issued an alert regarding a recent rash of burglaries from cars in the Eagle Rock area.
Recommendations from the LAPD:
1. Never leave valuables in PLAIN VIEW in your car. Thieves know that you hide your property under towels, sweaters and packages. Secure items in your trunk prior to arriving at location. Thieves are watching you.
2. Use some type of anti-theft device--alarm system or steering lock.
3. Park in well-lighted or high-traffic areas.
4. Permanently mark your property with identification. We suggest your driver license or ID card number.
5. Keep serial numbers of electronic equipment, such as computers, IPODS, GPS and cellular telephones.
6. Never leave your car running unattended.
7. Keep you car doors locked and windows rolled up.
8. Don't leave personal identification documents in car (Vehicle Ownership Title, credit cards etc.). Keep copies of license plate and vehicle identification number with you.
9. If you car is stolen or burglarized, immediately report it to the police.
10. Report suspicious activity or people loitering in the area--especially if someone is looking into vehicles.

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