Friday, July 29, 2011

NELA's Pending Congressional Districts

The new Congressional districts, as tentatively approved this morning by the Redistricting Commission. Click on an image for a better view.
Thank you, Statewide Database, University of California, Berkeley.

The ASJ Guide to Redistricting in Northeast Los Angeles

The Arroyo Seco Guide to Redistricting

The major story that emerges regarding political redistricting in Northeast Los Angeles may not lie as much in who represents what area (not to imply that’s not important), as it does in how the process reflects the changing nature of our communities in the early 21st century. Latino representation remains important. But we are also seeing a dramatic local increase in Asian American influence, and mapping to join Asian American communities together in large measure drove what out new districts look like. Further, Armenian Americans and Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transgendered residents have arrived as recognized local communities of interest.
As important as the number of communities of interest is the fact that those communities have not, as many observers expected, treated one another as competitors. Rather, there have been serious efforts to map and work together—a trend that may craft the coming 10 years of political life.

There will be fewer politicians representing Northeast L.A, according to maps set to be approved this morning by the voter-approved Redistricting Commission.
At the State level, almost all of NELA will be within one Senate and Assembly District. The exception is Atwater Village, which is split.
At the Federal level, things changed considerably at the last moment as commissioners struggled with Voter Rights Act compliance.
Most of NELA will be within one district—with some important exceptions:
• Atwater Village and Elysian Valley are on a peninsula that extends down into the NELA district, but will not be not be part of it.
• The line runs down San Fernando Road. El Rio de Los Angeles Park will be in a different district from its Cypress Park and Glassell Park users.
• And the Los Angeles River will be separated from much of Northeast L.A. This applies only at the Federal level, but comes at a time when Washington is putting new resources into river revitalization (see the news brief in the current Arroyo Seco Journal.)
The Northeast L.A. congressional district won’t go as far south as reported in our guide. At the last minute, a turn west was made at Boyle Heights/East L.A. to take in Downtown through Pico Union.

It isn’t over. The final vote on the mapping will take place in mid-August. This will be followed by legal challenges—potentially quite a barrage of them.
The full guide to who’s coming, who’s leaving and what it all means is online in the Arroyo Seco Journal.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

More from the Arroyo Seco Journal

Visit Our Photo Albums!:
Check out the photo albums on the Arroyo Seco Journal’s coffee table. Just cut and paste the links below.

A photo tribute to Magu (Gilbert Lujan), 1940-2011

LA Loves Leo Limón
Studio for Southern California History, 977 North Hill Street, Chinatown, through July

Eagle Rock Independence Day
Eagle Rock celebrates the nation's 235th birthday and its own 100th birthday with a major party in Eagle Rock Park

The Glassell Park Community Garden
A former gang headquarters is now a place for residents to gather and grow food.

Lummis Day
Lummis Day, 2011 at Heritage Square Museum

Butterfly Release
On June 12, the Women's Twentieth Century Club celebrated Eagle Rock's 100th birthday with the release of dozens of butterflies.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tomorrow: Galco's Soda Tasting Supports Southwest Museum

One Northeast Los Angeles icon is stepping up in support of another. Tomorrow, Galco’s Soda Pop Stop will be hosting a “Summer Soda Tasting" in support of efforts to save the Southwest Museum.
The tasting will be hosted by Galco’s proprietor John Nese and will feature a variety of specialty sodas from several domestic and international companies. Representatives of the companies will be on hand.
Proceeds will go to the Friends of the Southwest Museum Coalition.
A highlight of the event will be an appearance by humorist and California pop culture expert Charles Phoenix, who will be mixing “poptails,”-- The Galco," "The Southwest" and "The Highland Park,”--family friendly cocktails with candy garnishes.
There will also be music from popular local bands "Artichoke," and the "Greger Walnum Blues Band," plus a special appearance by 13-year old Highland Park vocalist Genesee Hall. A silent auction will feature Mount Washington artist Lauri Mraz' work, "Southwest Museum, Empty," a realistic depiction of the museum knit from hand-spun yarn. Nearby restaurants El Arco Iris and Italiano's will donate a portion of profits to the cause when tasting attendees have dinner on the boulevard after the event.
The Friends of the Southwest Museum Coalition brings together some 70+ community, residents and preservation organizations with the goal of keeping the Southwest Museum, Los Angeles oldest museum, open and fully functioning at its historic Mount Washington site.
While the benefit promises to be great fun, Nicole Possert of the Coalition says that it will also serve to open people’s hearts and minds to the possibility that Los Angeles’ first museum could be shuttered forever.
The benefit will take place Sunday, July 24, 5-8 p.m., at Galco’s Soda Pop Stop, 5702 York Boulevard, Highland Park. Advance tickets are $12 and can be purchased at Galco’s or online at Tickets at the event will be $15 cash.
In addition to hosting the event, Nese has volunteered to donate all proceeds from store soda and candy sales that evening to the coalition, so this is a great time to stock the soda cellar and prepare for upcoming events or gifts.
“John Nese has been a big supporter,” says Possert. “Galco’s is coming through again—not only for us in Northeast Los Angeles, but for the whole city.”

Photographs: John Nese of Galco's Soda Pop Stop (photo: Martha Benedict)/Lauri Mraz’ yarn work, "Southwest Museum, Empty"(photo: Margaret Arnold)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New Police Station for Northeast L.A.

The Los Angeles City Council today approved a new police station for the LAPD Northeast Division. The new station will be located on the site of the current station on San Fernando Road in Glassell Park.

Construction of the new facility will cost $29.45 million of which $28.45 million will come from Proposition Q bond money. Proposition Q was approved by voters in 2002 to fund the building and renovation of public safety facilities.

The Police Department acquired the current station building in the early 1980s. It has never been adequate. It wasn’t designed for police purposes. It was supposed to be temporary, and was never intended to serve for 30 years. It does not have sufficient parking for the officers. It has potential health issues. Trace amounts of chemicals, apparently from the building’s previous use as a photo processing facility, have been found. And on top of everything else, the building smells bad.

“It is time for us to do well for our police officers, as well as for the residents of Northeast L.A.,” said Council President Eric Garcetti, who represents the district where the station is located.

Garcetti attributed the existence of bond money for construction in Northeast Los Angeles to the fact that the fund has been well managed. Previous projects have come in on time and under budget.

Ramon Soto, representing the City Administrative Officer, told the Council that the plan is to build a 45,000 square-foot facility on the western side of the existing property. The current station will continue to serve until the new facility is ready for operation.

Normally, a new police facility would include a transport facility and a parking structure, but those additions would drive costs up considerably. According to Soto, the LAPD has indicated a willingness to wait until funds can be located for those additions.

After the new building is finished and occupied, the old building can be torn down, and that space can be paved to create some new room for parking.

It will be the responsibility of the City’s Building and Safety Department to see that a full environmental assessment is done on the site.

Groundbreaking is expected to take place next summer.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

NELAart Gallery Night~July 9

NELAart Second Saturday Gallery Night
The Second Saturday of every month, Northeast Los Angeles art galleries stay open late for NELAart Second Saturday Gallery Night. The event is a celebration of the thriving NELA contemporary arts community and of NELA’s history as L.A.’s original arts community. Visit to download a gallery map.

Where to see art Saturday, July 9
NELAart’s Second Saturday Galleries
Stores and Coffee Houses showing local artists
Special Events
And other once-in-a-lifetime opportunities
(7 to 10 p.m. unless otherwise indicated)

Avenue 50 Studio
131 North Avenue 50
“Glass Gourd Mosaic.” Howard Swerdloff, artist and owner of Howeeduzzit Gallery, curates a sort of Bazaar of fine art glass, gourds and mosaic encompassing an orgy of styles. Leigh Adams, Pat Boyd, Angela Briggs, Judy & Larry Cunningham, Cathy Garcia, Tenny Lim, Luz Mack, Dawn Mendelson, Carole Choucair Oueijan, David Van Noppen, Howard Swerdloff, Zoe Topsfield, Stephen Woodruff.
In the annex: “Reheated.” The Tortilla paintings of Joe Bravo. "I use the Tortilla as a Canvas because it is an integral part of the Hispanic Culture and my heritage. For the subject matter of my tortilla paintings, I use imagery that is representative of Latinos, conveying their hopes, art, beliefs and history.
As the tortilla has given us life, I give it new life by using it as an art medium."

Bike Oven
3706 North Figueroa
The Spoke(n) Art Ride is a once-a-month bicycle tour of art galleries, parks both public and private, and anywhere the creative human spirit expresses itself in North East Los Angeles. Meet at around 6pm. The ride leaves at 6:30 p.m. David Roy, Photography. Reception at 10 p.m.

5434 Eagle Rock Boulevard
“Treasures of the Sea.” An ocean themed group show. More than 30 artists featuring acrylic and oil paintings on canvas and wood, mixed media works, drawings, watercolors, assemblage and even dolls.
Cactus welcomes Craig Casey of Percussion Art to the Cactus family. Craig will now be working out of the space adjacent to Cactus Gallery.

Cafe de Leche
5000 York Boulevard
A coffee shop with monthly exhibits by local artists on the walls.

4704 Eagle Rock Boulevard
An evening of poetry, wine, music and art. Ricardo Acuna reading poetry with David Strother playing violin just behind. 8 p,m, in front of the store.

Curve Line Space
1577 Colorado Boulevard
Vertical Viewpoints - Drawings by Christine Weir

Future Studio
5558 North Figueroa
“Name the Car, Name the Palm” Thos. K. Meyer Photographs. “I have been collecting palm trees for more than 30 years. Driving around Los Angeles, I am always watching for palm plantings. I am also interested in all the neat lookin’ cars parked on the streets of L.A. Therefore, when I see a hot car parked in front of a palm tree, I gotta stop and make a pic.”

The Glass Studio
5052 York Boulevard
Mosaics by Kay K Robinson. A fabulous large piece by Larr Cunningham and lovely work by Leigh Adams. 6-11 p. m. Bull Kogi truck will be right in front.

José Vera Fine Art & Antiques
2012 Colorado Boulevard
Destiny - An Exhibition of Distinctive Mixed Media Photography by Ben Mahler
And in Jose Vera's Gallery X-43: Eternal Hollywood. An exhibition of gelatin silver prints by Alan Kroeber. 6 p.m.-9 p.m.

Kristi Engle Gallery
5002 York Boulevard
“Wicked Little Critters,” curated by Anne Hars, brings together the work of 12 artists who address the human/animal relationship. Non-human critters in art, be they wild, house-pets, zoo residents, farm animals, or fable characters reflect ethical attitudes of privilege over our dominion. Stephanie Allespach, Krista Chael, Erin Cosgrove. Leeza Doreian, Chris Doyle, Matt Driggs, Dana Hoey, Mitsuko Ikeno, Ian Patrick, Hirsch Perlman, Christopher Reiger, Holly Topping. With special contributions by the Main Street Museum and the Seabiscuit Foundation Prints from the Endangered Species Print Project will also be available for purchase with all profits donated to animal conservation organizations.

Leanna Lin’s Wonderland
5024 Eagle Rock Boulevard
2VIE. Silent art auction to cover Vee Vitanza’s medical bills from brain tumor surgery. You can bid on art, jewelry, and raffle prizes while supporting a good cause. 6-9 p.m.

M2 Gallery
4501 Eagle Rock Boulevard

Matters of Space
5005 York Boulevard
The sculpture of Kelly Johnston. This new series of wall mounted wood art utilizes the wood burning tool, wood stains and paint to create a structured but surreal environment within a simple piece of wood.

Mi Vida Boutique
5159 York Boulevard
Kalli Arte

MorYork Gallery
4959 York Boulevard
Gordon Bowen: “Xenotropi.” “Using maintenance-free, castings from recycled metal along with found raw materials, I create creatures that bring new life to otherwise forgotten memories… In the world of my work, things are manufactured to look natural and even something as organic as grass is made of steel and wool.” 6-9 p.m.

New Puppy
2808 Elm Street
In collaboration with the Associates of Brand Library & Art Center, Robert Brown: Glass and Serigraphs. Prints and Studio Glass from a Local Master. Robert W. Brown was a prolific visual artist with a vast range of talents: a print maker, studio glass artist, professor of art at Glendale Community College, ceramicist, figure artist; there are few art forms he didn't delve into and he was generally a master technician at each. After a remarkable career, Brown passed away at age 92 in 2009.

One Day
2113 San Fernando Road

An Orange Door
3188 Verdugo Road
Antonio Mendoza: "Infinity Scares The Shit Out of Me, So Why Don't We Sleep Together."

Outpost for Contemporary Art
1268 North Avenue 50
T-shirt Revival Night is a silk-screening event that features a new artist every month. Bring a favorite old T-Shirt that needs a little sprucing up or any other item you'd like to have the artist print on. Each print is only $6, or buy two for $10. This month: Mario Correa's drag racing images.
Ongoing is Stephanie Allespach's window piece, Sometimes, which will be presented in the window through September.

5027 York Boulevard
A multi-purpose concept space offering an art gallery, retail environment and trend library. This month's featured artist: a solo show by Aimée Rhodes Cook. Aimée creates abstract, gestural watercolors inspired by images of her children sleeping. 6:30-10:30 p.m.

She Rides the Lion
133 North Avenue 50
The print-making studio of Sonia Romero.

Sprout Creative Arts
5917 North Figueroa

5006_ York Boulevard
A vintage clothing store with works by young local artists on the walls.

La Vida Loca galeria
5050 York Boulevard
“Degrees of Separation: The Heart” Unique and original art work from Martin Bustamonte. 6 p.m. on.

2 Tracks Art Studio
135 North Avenue 50
The studio of Pola Lopez and Heriberto Luna.

1215 Projects
1215 Cypress Avenue
Magnus Stark: Pinocchio’s Paradox and Other Camera-less Creations. What happens when one embarks on an alchemical journey that breaks down the definition of what contemporary photography is supposed to be?

Friday, July 8, 2011

NELAart Gallery Night~~June, 2011

LT Mustardseed

Walt Hall at Cactus Gallery

Walt Hall at Cactus Gallery

Sand Oner at Mi Vida

Sand Oner at Mi Vida

Lucas Murgida at Platform

Kate Hoffman at Matters of Space

Beth Bachenheimer at MorYork

Clare Graham at MorYork

Seeing Thingz (outside MorYork)

Eamon Ore-Giron at Outpost for Contemporary Art

The Glass Studio

The Glass Studio

Sinan Leong Revell, Los Desaparecedos @ Avenue 50 Studio

Simone Gad, Kathy Fisher, Judith Amdur @ Avenue 50 Studio

Adriana Rincon and Angela Maria Ortiz S. at Avenue 50 Studio

Heriberto Luna at 2 Tracks

Sinan Leong Revell, Los Desaparecedos @ Avenue 50 Studio

OO: M.A. Fists, Bayestch Ghaffary: Vote Here, Yvonne Beatty: Civil Libertarian at Avenue 50 Studio

T+A Friendly at Leanna Lin's Wonderland

Toros Tngrian and Linda Johnstone Allen

A bus stop on York Boulevard

Felicis Montes: Todos Somos Flor at Avenue 50 Studio