Wednesday, July 27, 2011

More from the Arroyo Seco Journal

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A photo tribute to Magu (Gilbert Lujan), 1940-2011

LA Loves Leo Limón
Studio for Southern California History, 977 North Hill Street, Chinatown, through July

Eagle Rock Independence Day
Eagle Rock celebrates the nation's 235th birthday and its own 100th birthday with a major party in Eagle Rock Park

The Glassell Park Community Garden
A former gang headquarters is now a place for residents to gather and grow food.

Lummis Day
Lummis Day, 2011 at Heritage Square Museum

Butterfly Release
On June 12, the Women's Twentieth Century Club celebrated Eagle Rock's 100th birthday with the release of dozens of butterflies.

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Martha Benedict said...

Jose Vera Gallery link goes to Magu. Please fix, I want to see! Linda Johnstone Allen's work is extraordinary.