Thursday, May 19, 2011

Brewery Spring ArtWalk

Twice a year the occupants of the world’s largest arts colony, The Brewery, located in Lincoln Heights, open their doors to the public for an ArtWalk. For a three-minute recap of seven hours of the Brewery experience, click on the video below. The next Brewery ArtWalk will be in the October.
(Artists: Keith Collins, Tapestries/Chuck Hood, Sculpture & Chess Art/Holly V. Hood, Pastels & Paintings/Yoshi Hashimoto, Peace 22 Studio/Hipcooks/James Hill, Metal Sculptor/Flip Out Tire Gardens/Nicole Fournier, Encaustic Art/Debi Cable, Velvet Touch Painting/Kid Rainbow/Peddler of Dreams Art Space for Children/Chakacoco, Attire for Small Dogs/Church of Art: Llyn Foulkes, On the Machine; Norton Wisdom, Backlit Painting; Kasey McMahon, Dance/Dave Lefner, Reduction Linocuts/Kevin Rolly, Live Painting/Let’s Play Dead/Alyssa Ravenwood, Ravenwood Masks/Joyce Aysta, Live Your Dreams Origami Architecture/Martin Arriola, Live Painting of the Brewery/Sean Sobczak, Sandman Creations/Psycho Girlfriend: Kasey McMahon & Vanessa Bonet, Wearable Art; Mark Miller, Musician/Bruce Gray, Metal Sculpture/Kevin Flint, Dystopian Studio)

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