Thursday, October 7, 2010

Atwater Village Turns 100

Atwater Village is entering the ranks of communities with three-digits ages as well.
In celebration, Friends of Atwater Village is creating a book for Arcadia Publishing’s popular Images of America Series. The group is asking anyone with old photographs, documents, newspaper articles, receipts or advertising from local businesses or other historic information regarding Atwater Village to share it. There is also a questionnaire available at for the sharing of personal history.

Here is a beautiful level tract, well elevated and overlooking the level of the city, with a panoramic view of mountain and valley, enjoying all the delights of the suburb—yet inside the city limits, boasting every wanted modern improvement—Yet only 15 minutes from 6th and Broadway…full sized lots at $550 to $1500…
--Los Angeles Times advertisement, 1912

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